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DJ-Kiwi Limited is a New Zealand company that has its head office in Christchurch since December 2010. We are a tour operator especially for International Students and provide guided city sightseeing tours as well as hiking trips. Also DJ-Kiwi offers a wide knowledge of New Zealand and other Oceania countries, a chat platform for the exchange of Kiwi information and the possibility to buy New Zealand fan merchandise in our store at a fair price. With our products you can have the unique feeling of being a part of the DJ-Kiwi fan base!

www.DJ-Kiwi.co.nz / www.DJ-Kiwi.de / www.DJ-Kiwi.fr 



Unser Interesse gilt den Staaten und Gebieten im Stillen Ozean, das sind Melanesien, Polynesien und Mikronesien, sowie den Menschen dieser Kulturen. Wir wollen Informationen über diese Gebiete der Welt vorrangig in deutscher Sprache liefern. Wir organisieren Tagungen, Kulturfeste, regionale Treffen, Studienreisen, Ausstellungen und gemeinsame Treffen mit Pazifikinsulanern, die in Europa wohnen. Unterstützen Sie uns mit Ihrer Mitgliedschaft in dem eingetragenen Verein. Wir sind eine unabhängige Gesellschaft (NGO).




Die Mitglieder dieses Vereines haben es sich zur Aufgabe gesetzt, in Deutschland für alle Neuseeländer und Deutschen, die ein Interesse - sei es kultureller oder touristischer Art- haben, Plattform und Anlaufstelle zu sein. Wir wollen die beiden Länder in ihrem gegenseitigen Verständnis miteinander verbinden und den Austausch der Kulturen sowie den Austausch von Schülern und Studenten fördern. Werden Sie Mitglied und blicken über den Äquator hinaus in das wahre Paradies!






N to Z is the easy way for international students to enjoy the best of New Zealand. We take care of everything, from helping plan your journey to organizing visas, finding the perfect school and host family, and looking after you until you return home. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime – with your very own kiwi support team.






Papanui High School is a coeducational secondary school, located between Northlands Mall and Firestone tyre factory, opposite the Christchurch Sanitarium Health Food Company factory. The school was founded as Papanui Technical College in 1936, but became a 'High School' in 1949. Only recently have older members of the public completely stopped referring to the school as Papanui Technical College.




SHOPeNZed.com has been in business as an online retailer and exporter since the turn of the century. In other words, we've been in existence since the year 2000. Shopenzed.com is owned and run by Lesley Armstrong-Jennings, and based in a beautiful New Zealand seaside town called Ngunguru. We offer a range of goods and services from New Zealand that you have asked for and that we like too. We simply don't sell things for the sake of selling them - we want to enjoy being around these goodies too!




The Kiwi Trust, in partnership with the Department of Conservation, aims to bring together all New Zealanders as Kiwis for kiwi to save our national bird. Our role is to provide funding and support for the many conservation organisations and community groups dedicated to increasing kiwi numbers, protecting precious kiwi populations from predators and restoring the health of their natural environment. Our mission is: To enable kiwi to flourish in their natural habitat forever by supporting kiwi conservation projects with funding, access to expert knowledge, training and education, and by igniting a passion in all New Zealanders to join in the fight to save our national icon, becoming Kiwis for kiwi.





Kakapo Recovery combines the efforts of scientists, rangers and volunteers, who are charged with looking after the few remaining kakapo in the world. It sounds daunting, but it's all about doing some fairly simple things over and over again, and doing them well.



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